LoopScreen Dental

Quickly and easily manage content on all your dental chair screens.

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Patient communication has never been easier or more dynamic

LoopScreen provides digital signage to dental offices and gives you the ability to quickly and easily manage content on all your patient dental chair screens. Provide patients with information, education, and promotions on a loop.

LoopScreen works like a super-charged screensaver, where it’s easy to manage and toggle between it and clinic software. When you’re done showing the patient things like x-rays, a set timer will automatically return the screens to a loop of your selected content. Set it and forget it!

With LoopScreen, you’ll be able to:


Improve patient retention


Provide patients with education, “info-tainment”, and health safety information


Highlight promotions


Eliminate pamphlets and informational clutter


Feature team members and office information


Seamlessly move from content to a patient’s information or other office software

Upload content or create your own with LoopScreen

Creating content is fast and easy with LoopScreen. Upload your own images and videos, or create new slides right in the LoopScreen web portal.