How it works

Easily create content and effectively inform and entertain your patients.

LoopScreen Dental displaying a "Meet our team" slide on a dental chair monitor
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Dental chair displaying an image using the LoopScreen software

Informative and engaging content at every patient chair

While a patient waits for the dentist or for x-rays in their dental chair, LoopScreen plays through all your slides, customized with your own images, videos, and information promoting the dental office. Highlight giveaways, promotions, important office information like new hours or holiday closings, fun facts on team members–whatever you create.

Easy to use, easy to get

Once you sign up for LoopScreen, you’ll receive a link to download software to each dental chair. Log in to control your screens and customize content to update at every screen or at certain selected screens. Update, add, and remove content from any computer via the LoopScreen web page.

Create, customize, and update LoopScreen through our web portal

Once you have LoopScreen, anyone on your team can add the content from their computers via the LoopScreen web page and the content will play at each patient chair.

Dentist using LoopScreen software

Unify your message and information and make patient communication effective, easy, and fun.